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  1. Sheila says:

    I am looking forward to reading your updates, and very excited for what you noted in the last panel of the comic.


    A friend

  2. Kim says:

    Woo hoo! I can’t wait for September!

    And I love the supergrands concept. I’m a grandma of a super grandkid, myself!

  3. Angela Stewart says:

    Congratulations!!!!! Praise the Lord! I am so excited for you! I came to your blog via CakeWrecks, but never felt equipped to comment on the heartache you were going through.

    However, I am very good at exclamations of joy and praise! And I will be praying for you as September approaches. πŸ™‚

  4. Jen says:

    I can’t stop laughing from sheer joy – I just KNEW it, when John wouldn’t let me look at the new site too closely last week. Ok, well, I suspected, anyway – and I’m so glad to have my suspicions confirmed!

    Btw, John, the site looks fab – and I love the comic book Super Grands!

    I’m going to sit here and cry and laugh for a while now, if that’s Ok. LOL – Woohoo!

  5. Biff says:

    Ya-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So happy about your new mission. I look forward to being along for the ride. Godspeed!

  6. Susan says:

    I have never been a huge follower of comic books but I have to say that this is by far the best one ever with the greatest ending. May this story have many, many volumes (or whatever they call them in the comic book world). I love you guys and can’t wait to be part of this new adventure!

  7. Sharon says:

    YAY! I love the comic (you guys are clearly the most creative fun people ever), and I love the surprise ending. πŸ™‚ Congratulations! And praise the Lord! As someone else said, I’m crying and laughing.

  8. Dana Martin says:

    I am not a fan of comics generally but that was awesome and it had the most spectacular ending! I can’t wait for Sept!!!!

  9. Aunt Sue says:

    All I can say is Amen! Our God is an Awesome God. Not only my prayers but prayers of others have been answered for you guys–and they will continue to lift you up. Love the comic book story. John, Ed wants to know how you did that.
    Much love to both of you.

  10. patty says:

    I THOUGHT your tummy had a little Pooch to it Abby! When I commented on the knit dress you were wearing, I was thinking, “stretchy dress ..hmm” but of course what I actually said was something totally neutrally weird….not wanting to be “nosey” about little poochy tummies!
    Yep, I am way happy for you of course along with everyone else!

  11. Amanda says:

    Even though I do not know you all personally, I am so touched by your lives and your willingness to share them with complete strangers. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations!

  12. Rhonda says:

    I have been touched by the bittersweet joy of infertility. My relationship with God was so deepened through the suffering. And He blessed me with the chance to be a Mom after all, through adoption. I can never thank Him enough for than gift.

    I was so encouraged by reading your story of James and Dora. Mostly by how steadfast your faith in God’s goodness remains, even after so much heartbreak.

    I am so happy to know that September will bring your third child. May you all be blessed with health and happiness.

  13. Burgandi says:

    Our God is an awesome God. I had the privilege of meeting you all and James at WPH when he was in Pod 1 and 3. I am in nursing school because of him and others as well. I am so happy we can marvel in the work of our God. I have learned so much from your ministry of faith, love, and fellowship. I am so excited for you about your September gift. Congratulations!!!

  14. Shereen says:

    Many well wishes from my family to yours. I couldn’t sleep the first night I read this…I was too happy and smiling ear to ear. You’re in our thoughts and prayers. Congrats again!

  15. Jill says:

    You do not know me, but followed your story via CakeWrecks. I am so happy for you. I am crying tears of joys for you. Many prayers for you until you are holding your little one safely in your arms.

  16. mhwarner says:

    I found your site through the NCSSM website and began reading about James two weeks ago. I have cried, prayed, hoped, prayed and cried some more, not knowing how the story would end. I do not know you, but I do know that you are and will continue to be wonderful parents and God has blessed you and will continue to do so. You have made me look at my children as the gifts that they are and I thank you for your faith, hope and inspiration.

    “Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; He rises to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for Him!” Isaiah 30:18

  17. Catie426 says:

    Oh wow! I’m soooo excited for you both. I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately. Hey John, We, the Lamonds are finally moving house… as a result, we found a bunch of correspondance from you guys from many years ago… hence the thinking about you.
    I LOVE the comic book! I got to the end and ran to find Mum… We’re all so happy for you.
    Many prayers, and much love,
    Catherine (and the rest of the Lamonds.)

  18. Rose says:

    I cried tears of joy when I saw that last panel! Congratulations, and lots of love, from a long-time lurker.

  19. Beth says:

    I’m a follower from Cake Wreck and I have to say I’m changed from all your stories. Thanks for continuing the story. God is good and may He watch over you and the new addition.

  20. Summer says:

    I am so happy for you guys. I can’t wait to read more. I still have James picture on the fridge and show Ryland it often.

  21. judy says:

    I can’t believe it! How exciting and miraculous! I can’t be happier for you guys!

  22. Rachel says:

    Congratulations! I could not be more happy for you! I will pray for you everyday!

  23. HaganWagon says:

    Truly Awesome! September is a great month- my 2nd was born on the 7th! What a blessing! Congratulations!

  24. Ginger ET says:

    I’m so glad to read the good news! I hope and will pray that the pregnancy goes well. And September is a wonderful month for a birthday! Xiao, me, my own little boy… Congrats!

  25. john says:

    I guess early September would be the 40-week point, but since Abby will most likely be having another c-section, I think something like August 24 is our best guess at this point.

    Not that September isn’t a great month… but so is August!

  26. Serenia says:

    Congrats, that is so fabulous! Love the new blog too, by the way! Oh and yes, found you through CakeWrecks.

  27. janine says:

    I practically squealed with joy at the last panel….WOW!

  28. cathy says:

    Congratulations! We are praying for you.

  29. melissa says:

    I first found you guys via Cakewrecks and “check in” from time to time…was just thinking about you randomly tonight and wanted to see how you are doing, and…OH MY GOODNESS…CONGRATULATIONS!!! I think I’m crying more now than when I found out I was pregnant myself a few years ago! I will be praying for you all in the coming months.

  30. Vicki says:

    I am overjoyed to read your news!!! I pray for a safe pregnancy. Best wished to your entire family.

  31. becky says:

    So happy to hear about your pregnancy. I’m a “Cake Wrecks” reader who was so touched to read your “Sweet Baby James” blog, and I’m just delighted to “catch up” with you now! (I also loved seeing James’ beautiful birthday cake on the Cakes Wreck front page this morning.

    Sending lots of love your way!

  32. sarah says:

    i just wanted to let you both know how in a few short hours your story has touched my life. i found your story on “cake wrecks” & once i started reading i couldn’t stop. i am so sorry that your family has been through such loss, but i wanted to congratulate you on the new arrival! i’ve bookmarked your blog & will continue to follow your journey. much love from california!!

  33. stephanie w says:

    I also found your story through Cakewrecks. My soul rejoices in the testimony you continue to give for Christ, even through all the trials life has shown you. Thank you for reminding the rest of us that He is good, regardless of what He gives you! Congratulations on the lastest package from above… I’m sending up lots of prayers for a healthy nine months. God Bless you and your beautiful family!

  34. Lisa says:

    I also found you via Cakewrecks. I read about Sweet Baby James in one sitting. What a special boy, with equally special parents.

    We also knew of the pain of infertility. It took us 9 years of marriage and 5 years of those actively trying medical procedures before our first son was born. Our RE was also in Orlando! πŸ™‚

    God bless you and this newest child. I am thrilled that you’ll be parenting again soon. We are all praying for you!!!!

  35. Lisa says:

    Oh my goodness, how did I get here? And why am I sobbing in the middle of the day?

    Well, to answer the first question, I saw your post from last year on Cake Wrecks and followed that to your blog about James and then follwed that to this blog!

    I read all about your sweet dear James and barely held back sobs the entire time. I read about all of the challenges and triumphs and I am still feeling a little shell-shocked about all that you have been through.

    I am continuing on the journey and am thrilled to see that you have been blessed with a new addition. My son was also born September 2009, after many struggles to concieve and carry a healthy baby. Nothing nearly so difficult as what you have been through, but I just wanted to say that a stranger out in California feels for you deeply and wishes you and your family all the best!

  36. I too came here from Cake Wrecks and followed James’s story. I love this comic–it is such a touching tribute to your parents, and so beautifully done. All the best to your family.

  37. ania says:

    This is so sweet. And it’s true. This is a perfect way to describe (or illustrate) the way that I felt when others step in to help in a time of need, each person bringing a specific skill.

    I cried a little, and that’s not a bad thing in this case.

    Oh, I am here by way of the EPBOT blog. I was reading through the archives and saw a post about her awesome geeky friends.

    So, I’m going to spend a little time reading up through your archives (because order is my dear friend.)

    I hope that you are well.

  1. November 26, 2009

    […] Saturdays ago (wow we are really slacking on this blogging thing!) we left Valor with a couple supergrands and attended a perinatal remembrance ceremony. The social workers and chaplains from Winnie Palmer […]

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