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  1. john says:

    When we first saw the quilt, we thought immediately of Valor’s life verses from 1 Corinthians 16:13-14:

    Be on your guard (non dormis)
    Stand firm in the faith (ferme en foy)
    Be men of courage, be strong (virtute et valore)
    Do everything in love (omnia vincit amor)

    Quite amazingly, we picked out those verses without knowing anything about the quilt, and Lamons quilted it without knowing we had picked those verses.

  2. lb says:

    What a thoughtful and special quilt! I bet he will treasure it long after he graduates from a crib.

    As a grad student in Latin, though, I should point out that non dormis means “you (singular) do not sleep,” not “I do not sleep”! (Non dormio is “I do not sleep.”) Either way, though, it’s appropriate for a new baby and parents! 😉

  3. susantrappforster says:

    Everything about this is amazing!!! And I’m not in the least bit surprised. Lamons has crafted the perfect quilt for Valor — I love everything about it, beginning with the chess board. Tonya and I were at the UCF game last night and I told her that ya’ll could use some of the knight costumes on the field… Sorry that I missed Lamons’s phone calls — I know she will be back.

  4. Kelli says:

    Wow~ That is absolutely beautiful. So deep & thoughtful. Valor is surrounded by so much love. I can even feel that through a computer screen. That is so wonderful, he is such a lucky boy.


  5. Sachu says:

    What an amazing quilt… I have never seen anything so deeply thought! It’s so nice to see that Granma and Parents were thinking of the same virtues for Valor.
    You can actually feel the dedication and love after the quilt.
    Valor will enjoy it so much!


    Sabrina from Argentina

  6. silverbelle513 says:

    a slow night in labor & delivery led to a night of blog reading, a link from cakewrecks led me to your blog…i have been an avid reader ever since!! finding sweet baby james that night at work i sat and cried at the nursing station reading through the posts…your story and faith have encouraged me to truly appreciate each and every moment with my son. congratulations on the birth of valor!!! i stumbled upon this the other day and think valor REALLY needs this for carrying his loot to preschool, and no, its never too early to pick up such an sppropriate backpack for a toddler!!! enjoy the baby fog…it lifts all too quickly!

  7. bethfromnicu says:

    Grandmother Lamons is a stitch master! I love the quilt and the meaning behind the art!

  8. Aunt Sue says:

    Monz–you never fail to amaze me with your creative genius genes. What a wonderful theme and blessing for baby Valor. And I know he can’t help but achieve all that is before him with his wonderful loving and dedicated parents and his network of grandparents, too.

  9. Tonya says:

    What a beautiful quilt your mom made. I had heard about it but this is the first time I’ve seen it.

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