sun, sun, sun, here it comes

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  1. Ginger says:

    Love the idea! We’ve wanted to do it ourselves, but since we went and bought a house in a subdivision with a strict code, we have to wait a few years for the next house. I’m glad everything’s well with the three of you, and hope that you have a joyous and blessed holiday season!

  2. Paige says:

    North Carolina isn’t there on the clothesline protections yet and I’m not sure about the solar panels. I would assume those would be exempt from HOA restrictions.

    Way to go on the solar panels! Also, I LOVE the candy corn hat! That is so precious. Did somebody make that for Valor or did you buy it?

    • john says:

      Yeah, our good friend Laura (who comments under “chrisandlaura”) made the candy corn as well as several other hats. Stay tuned for cupcake, snowman, and Christmas tree! 🙂

      NC apparently does have laws that prevent HOAs from blocking solar (see link above).

  3. Sachu says:

    I’ve learnt a lot about economy today! I read it all because I found it very interesting
    Unfortunately down here the Govn’t does not apply any tax reduction or motivate companies and citicenz to “go green”
    I’d love having solar pannels.
    Way to go! It’s so nice to see that you want to build a better world for V.


    Sabrina from Argentina

    P.S: Loooooved the picture with the pumpkins (love the candy corn hat!) and V’s little feet!

  4. Ashley M. says:

    I looooooooooove his little hat!!!

    As for the panels, I wish there was a way I could rig one of those for my apartment!
    Nice use of TMBG, too 🙂

  5. Ashley says:

    I’m in Central Florida as well (so if you ever need a babysitter! :p)! That’s really interesting that you guys were able to do that. Way to reduce your footprint on the environment!

    Also, Valor’s feet are so cute! I just want to eat them up! And finally, Abby looks absolutely terrific and I thought she should know.

  6. patty says:

    I’d love to save the planet, but what I really want to do is save money. I’d like to pick your brain more on solar energy. I’ve long been on a war against high electric bills!

  7. Sharon says:

    Man, I’m just jealous of your sun! Apparently northwest Pennsylvania has the second fewest sunny days per year in the country (just after the Pacific Northwest, of course — “It rains nine months of the year in Seattle!”). But solar would be a nice side benefit.

    We did, however, buy a used (excuse me, “pre-owned”) 2007 Prius, and have been nudging 50 mpg in our regular driving… so that’s something!

    I LOVE BABY FEET. And that is all.

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