man of the cloth, pt. 1

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  1. Amy says:

    Can I just say that I love, love, LOVE it that you are CDing?

    That’s all.

  2. Ashley says:

    Very cool to learn about! I don’t have children yet, but I’ve always wondered about CDing. Good to see someone’s experience! Also, Valor is extremely cute and beautiful as usual. I just want to hug him!

  3. Dogdancing says:

    I’ve been cloth diapering since the 60’s. Loved those origomi fold up ones! Used prefolds for my own kids. Guess Im a old fuddyduddy at 44. I liked the pins and the plastic pants.

    Glad to see the younger generations have made some changes to the cd world.

    Peace be the journey


  4. Ashley M. says:

    This almost sounds like a science, LOL!

    Is Valor excited for Christmas? 🙂 I know so many people whose babies are having their first Christmases, so I’m pretty much undergoing cuteness overload at the moment!

  5. chrisandlaura says:

    wish I’d seen something like this post before I started cloth diapering. would have saved a lot of time.

  6. T McQ says:

    I use BumGenius 3.0s, practically the same as FuzziBunz. I love them, and am also surprised at how CDing is not a big deal at all. My husband, who was very opposed to the idea at first, even says they are just as easy as disposables, and loves to tell people all about them. He even does the laundry, which is a real miracle, lol!!

  7. Susan says:

    What an expert you have become! I am so proud of you! I wish I had started when Bella was a baby but we sure have saved a ton with Lydia’s cds.

  8. strwberryjoy says:

    I’ve enjoyed following your blog. I think that it’s awesome that you are sharing about cloth diapers! I started following you at Sweet Baby James. You guys are awesome and so strong to have gotten though something like that. Do you guys still follow the Babywise book? I think you mentioned something about it in the past, so I thought this post would be something you would def. want to read: Talks about how some babies are getting labeled Failure to Thrive as they are not getting their feeding needs met.

  9. Karla says:

    Thank you so much for sharing about cloth diapers! My first baby is due in April, and I have been contemplating using CD’s. Your details have made me more comfortable with the idea, but I still have one large concern: would I be able to get them clean (and not just clean, but not smelly, either) using a front-end washer? I’ve read that I wouldn’t, but, like you said, there is conflicting information out there (and in most cases, this isn’t even mentioned). I wondered if you or anyone else would be able to answer that?

    I also wanted to say that I have been following your blog since the Cake Wrecks post about James’ cake…the faith that the two of you have exhibited over the years is encouraging to me. And of course, Valor is adorable!!

  10. Juliana says:

    Karla – I have a front load washer and CD, and you’re right – there is conflicting information, and not much info to be found WRT front loaders.

    The main issue is that front load washers decide for themselves how much water your load needs — but cloth diapers absorb much more water than the thickest item the designers assume you might launder, so the washer won’t add enough water to get the diapers well cleaned. I therefore end up with ammonia build-up from residual urine in the diapers, which smells vile. The poop washes out just fine, because that is mostly a surface issue, and front loaders are great with that kind of cleaning.

    I use prefolds (from Green Mountain Diapers), and I love them both because I strongly prefer natural fibers against my baby’s bum, and because they are a frugal choice. We use Snappis instead of pins & mostly Thirsties covers.

    In retrospect, however, I should have either gone with a tradional washing machine when we recently bought our new washer, or I should have gone with pocket diapers (giving up on my desire for natural fibers) like those the Gjertsens are using. I have talked to a couple of friends who have front loaders and have successfully CD’ed with pocket diapers, because the inserts are thinner than prefolds are. This makes them less absorbent, meaning that a front load washer is more able to clean them effectively. It also means if you have a kid like mine you need two or three inserts at a time, but they work just fine that way.

    With my prefolds, I add a few buckets of water to every load of diapers after the cycle starts. I wash them a total of 3-4 cycles, the latter two without any soap (so it is really for extra rinsing). This cuts the ammonia smell to a reasonable level, although it still seems worse than with our old washer. I have also read that adding a heavy towel or two may do the trick with some brands of washers. I have a Samsung, and I have gotten absolutely nowhere with their customer service when I have tried to inquire about how to get the washer to add more water.

    The one benefit of front loaders is that they get the diapers much drier in the spin cycle, so it is quicker to dry the diapers once they are clean.

    So in a nutshell – you will probably be fine CDing with a front loader if you use a pocket diaper system (no all-in-ones or prefolds), but you will have to experiment with your washer to figure out how to make it work best for your CDs. You might want to stick to microfiber inserts (not hemp or cotton), but you could certainly experiment with all 3. Go for it!

  11. Karla says:

    Juliana, THANK YOU so much for your response! It was extremely helpful. I love my front-loader (I have no idea why I said “front-end” before!) precisely because it doesn’t use so much water (which now, I see is the problem with the CD) and because it gets the clothes drier on the spin cycle (a plus for CD).

    I think I will definitely try the pocket diapers. I don’t know about the other two, simply b/c I can’t imagine that I would stick to CDing if I have to do that much extra washing – seems like just as much of a waste too me. My reasons for CDing are more economical than ecological, although I do have ecological reasons, too! 🙂 (Plus, I’ve also read that CDing helps with potty-training later!)

    Again, thank you, Juliana, for your response, and thank you Gjertsens for posting about this in the first place and for posting Juliana’s response!

    God bless!

  12. Sharon Sykes says:

    Hi Abby,

    Thanks so much for writing this all here. I am going to CD too and I feel like there isn’t a good central website to explain “how” to do it. Love your recommendations and “how to”.

    Glad everything is going so well for you!


  13. GrammaMary says:

    I CD’d both of my babies. I used prefolded regular diapers, and from your description I think it was WAY easier than what you’re going through with the fancy new stuff. They wore the same size their entire diaper-age lives. I used the same ones on the second that I had used on the first. I still have some of the same diapers that my kids used to perform nultiple household cleaning jobs. My kids were born at a time when breastfeeding was discouraged (?!?) so I had to scrape a few, but no big deal. Oh, by the way, my girls are 38 and 42. Years!

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