fall pumpkin family fun festival season!

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  1. Tonya says:

    First…Valor has his front teeth!? I want a car seat in my car like his. Valor has grown so much. The photo on the steps looks like he’s about 3 years old. What a great catchup post. I knew Susan got to see you which I’m sure was wonderful for you both. We’re missing you all here. Church picnic is next weekend and it just won’t be the same. XXOOO

  2. Laura47 says:

    I’m another come-over-from-Cake-Wrecks reader. I read every word of Sweet Baby James and felt so honored to be able to share his journey with you; I am so impressed with how you guys really live your beliefs and use whatever God gives you to glorify Him. And I have a daughter who was born with some severe medical issues (although she’s stable now, and has grown up to be a lovely young woman), so I have at least a small inkling of what you went through with James.

    But I’m commenting on this post now, albeit belatedly, to tell you, in case you weren’t aware, that the next time you have a chance to go to Gettysburg, you can schedule a private tour of the battlefield with the National Park Service. It’s a two-hour tour; the guide drives your car and gives you the history of the battle from start to finish. We did that a few years ago, and it was the most amazing tour I have EVER had ANYWHERE. The guides do a fantastic job, and since you’re Civil War buffs, you will really appreciate learning about the battle and being there on the landscape as the guide describes in INCREDIBLE detail how it progresses. And it’s not very expensive, either!

    Last but definitely not least, your children are beautiful! Even though I never met him in person, James’ eyes in photos spoke so clearly of what an amazing baby he was; and now Valor is growing up so quickly to be such a big, strong, healthy boy. You guys are richly blessed, and I’ve learned a lot from you about how faith can truly support you even in the darkest hours. Thank you for sharing your lives with us!

  1. October 31, 2010

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