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  1. Well said, friend!

  2. Angela says:

    Sending bright light to #5 and your father.

  3. Tonya says:

    Love hearing all your news. Praying for you (and baby) and your dad… Have a wonderful Christmas! (our cards are going out AFTER Christmas this year)

  4. Evie says:

    Thanks for the update. Am praying for you, #5, and the rest of the family. Special prayers to your dad. My parents are out of the country now, but I know that they will want to know and pray for him as well. I will shoot them an email and hopefully they will get it. Valor is increasing in adorableness exponentially. Love and miss you guys

  5. Melissa H says:

    I am so glad to see the update on #5, I have been checking in frequently and praying for you guys and will step it up this week! Will also pray for your dad’s surgery.

  6. Ashley M. says:

    I almost spit out my water at the bit about the angel talking to Valor. Funny stuff xD

    Sending your daddy and Five lots of prayers and well-wishes <3

    Oddly enough, I just did a search on the biblical meaning of the number 5, and the results were unexpected, yet welcome 🙂

  7. SalannB says:

    Hi Abby, John, Valor and Five!

    My heart is full for you all (and JD)…I’m hoping this Christmas is one of miracles and everday ordinary, in which God’s graces are found.

    Wonder what Valor would do if Santa pulled up on a tractor…heh!

    Merry Christmas to you all!

    Sally in Indianapolis

  8. Carrie says:

    Thanks for the update!

    I think you may have found a name for this baby if a girl: Hope. Fits right along with Valor. Of course if baby is a boy, you’ll need to keep looking for names (not sure what the masculine equivalent would be) 🙂

    We continue to pray for your family.


  9. Allison says:

    Your faith is encouraging for everyone who knows you/knows of you. I’m praying for the safety of your baby and your father.

  10. Abby says:

    Update on my dad: the surgery went great! He ended up with 5 bypasses and a valve replacement. Glory to God and thanks for praying!!!

    • Susan says:

      So glad to hear your dad’s surgery went well. A church friend’s 77 year old grandfather just had a triple bypass and went home 4 days later; he was sitting in a chair 7 hours after coming out of surgery. I pray your dad has no complications and is well on the road to recovery. I am praying for your sweet little baby and your whole family as you go through this week. Valor could not be any cuter! How wonderful to have a grandma so close and at the beach!!

  11. Sabrina says:

    So good to hear about your Dad’s surgery going ok!
    I keep you all and #5 in my prayers.

    Loved the pictures! V is getting so big!!



  12. Charlotte says:

    I’ll be praying for you all.
    Merry Christmas!

  13. Burgandi says:

    I know I pop up every now and then but your family stays in my thoughts, prayers, and heart daily. I was one of the fortunate to play with James during his tenure at Winnie Palmer. Nevertheless, I am hear to tell you that God has the final say, and there is power in prayer I believe it I know it therefore it is. If you didn’t know that the #5 biblically means Grace, which is so interesting since the church family I believe if memory serves correct you had here in FL was called Grace… I keep your Dad lifted in prayer. I remember the reason for the season a little humbler because of the impact James and you all have made on me. I am a nurse for all the right reasons…God Bless..

  14. Dana Martin says:

    Hi John, Abby, Valor & #5 –

    It has been a while since I’ve had time to “stop by” but I am so glad to hear about #5 and your dad. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers!

  15. Beth C. says:

    Sending prayers and the blessing of the Christmas season.

  16. Molly says:

    I’m just getting the chance to catch up with some reading. Wanted to let you all know that there are prayers coming from here. Glad to hear your dad’s surgery went well – I’ll continue to pray for his healing. Can’t wait to hear about Valor’s Christmas and an update on #5.

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