finally, behind door #1…

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  1. SalannB says:

    Good Morning, John and Abby!

    Thinking of you today and saying prayers for a safe and uneventful delivery of Percy. He, Valor, James, Dora and Carolina are lucky to have such wonderful parents!

    Cheering for you here in Indianapolis,

  2. Patty Morman says:

    Tears of joy moistening my eyes as I look at Abby and ponder the
    goodness of God. Praying for you all today!
    Love the decor. Font might be Times New Roman…maybe?
    Quilt is beyond awesome. Way to go again sweet Supergrand!
    Patty Morman

  3. Aunt Lurine says:

    Love the nursery! The wallhanging is beyond awesome! Now, for a baby boy to go in that room.

  4. Stephanie S says:

    It almost looked like Cochin to me (I wrote my dissertation in it), but I’m not sure the “R” is quite right. Can’t wait for news of the boy!

  5. deb says:

    What a sweet room! I love that you love fonts so much. 🙂 We had fun cutting your letters. All the best with sweet Percy.

  6. Jonathan Richards says:

    Loved the kid who paints himself with strawberries. I bet he’s going be a famous painter someday.  Anyway, the room looks good. I also loved the wall hanging and the stenciled letters before entering the room. That’s a room fit for a growing boy.

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