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  1. Diane Hamersley says:

    I love learning about your adorable, fast growing and maturing children. They make me smile. Thanks for including me.

    So glad they found a diagnosis for you and some needed relief. Hang in there, Girl.

    Love you,

  2. SalannB says:

    Hi Abby and John!

    Thanks for the update on the brother-friends (handsome fellas!), you and your families. Abby, I’m glad you’re better! And John, I hope your dad continues to improve.

    Thinking of you as we come upon James’ birthday. I always think of him at this time of year. And, I go read “Sweet Baby James” usually a few times a year. I just absolutely fell in love with James.

    Continued love and prayers to you all.

    Sally in Indy

  3. Aunt Lurine says:

    Enjoyed getting caught up on your life. The boys are so cute!

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