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  1. Jill says:

    Thank you for the family update! Feel like I got a fun glimpse into your home and your daily life through your incredible writing. Continuing to pray for you guys. Love you and thankful for your family.

  2. Diane Hamersley says:

    Dear Abby,

    Thank you for this update…I emphatize with you in your lack of alone time…I remember that as being my bigest prayer and when allowed “free” time, I really exalted in it. This time will pass and I know you know that, but you will even miss it one day.

    I do pray that the miscarriage will complete safely. God has the right time for everything.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all,

  3. Deborah says:

    Love you guys. Daisy’s down to one 90-minute nap a day. I’m working on lengthening it, but I totally get the alone time problem.

  4. Juliana says:

    I am guessing from your description that this wouldn’t work for Valor (at least quite yet), but I feel like I should mention it just in case. Have you tried working toward Valor having some afternoon time alone in his room (or some other place-you-are-not)? For the last year (or maybe 18 months?) Cora has been in a mode where she usually needs a nap on social days, but doesn’t on days when we’ve just been at home. She also really likes books, so we have a rule that she spends an hour reading or playing with soft (quiet) toys in her room when Aliza goes down for her nap (still in a pack n play in our room… not the best part of the plan). Since the adjustment-phase passed she is fairly good at staying in her room for that time (usually I have to remind her once, but then she’s good). She has a clock, so she knows every day what time she’s allowed to come out. It isn’t perfect, but I am a better and more stable mom when I’ve had some time to breathe and process in the middle of the day. I think it can be easy to put aside our needs and desires because we’re adults and better at letting go/delaying, but my ability to handle life with grace and love does down drastically if I don’t give myself some time to replenish (even if that just means getting the sink scrubbed without help). So I guess I am saying that I think it’s okay if it is your issue, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a worthy issue. I think a lot of moms need an afternoon break to stay sane. 🙂

  5. Shara says:

    Praying for you and your family! Praying for your alone time! We are loving CC this year in the challenge 1 program with camille! I crave alone time too. Thank goodness for Hudson’s afternoon naps, but usually I work with camille some of that time. Enjoy this blessing of Christmas!

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