growing up?

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  1. Dear John,
    (You Sadist) Happy Birthday!
    I am printing the puzzle out, buoyed by your words that it is not the hardest one you have made. I have a looming Friday deadline which demands my time, but I look forward to perusing this in times between.
    As a good friend told me, when I was afraid I had to grow up around my 30th birthday: “What?! Of course not. Look at me!”
    Your 43 year old friend,

  2. John says:

    Nice. Is “looming Friday deadline” a double entendre? If so, well played.

  3. Rocco says:

    Happy 40th anniversary of your birth date!

  4. John says:

    370 points to Emmett Rahl, who tells me that he is an acrostic writing veteran himself!

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