I got a blank space, baby… and I’ll write your name

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  1. JoyB says:

    Am I missing something? I see the 1-18/A-R matrix, but there are no following pages with clues that I can pull up.

  2. Laura Ricketts says:

    OMG, is, perhaps, my only comment thus far. Sigh.
    But, I LIKE to sleep!

  3. Alexis says:

    I have been reading your blogs for years, but haven’t commented. Your family is awesome and I can’t wait for the joyous news when this baby girl is born! I’m not very good at puzzles but I bet she will have a beautiful name. Will be keeping your family in my prayers. ~Alexis~

  4. Peg Gjertsen says:

    Any hints on the significance of what you are holding, Abby?

    • John says:

      That’s Percy’s grappling hook “shooter” that he made for Baby Maybe. He is already equipping her for heroic exploits on his hero team.

  5. Kay Herr says:

    So glad to hear the good news-How do you have the time to do all this high power stuff!? I guess I will just wait till Maybe is born.
    LOVE you all, Aunt Kay

  6. Peg Gjertsen says:

    For the clue to L8 down, the hint says “hint: if you’re viewing this on paper or in a browser, you probably don’t see a video”. How else can we view it?

  7. Peg Gjertsen says:

    I tried opening the puzzle in Adobe Reader (Mac and PC), iBooks (iPad), Kindle, and Preview (Mac). None of these apps gave me a video. I need another hint, please.

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