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  1. Kathy says:

    Thank you for the priceless update in words and photos (and Mystery’s Moves!) this morning. I appreciate you sharing about each of your kiddos and what the Lord continues to teach you through the Word and their lives. His faithfulness abounds! Miss you!

  2. Diane Hamersley says:

    What an absolute delight to read about you and your children! Thank you so much for including us on this journey. I believe you are on the absolute right track and Jesus smiles when He sees you all! And I am sorry to say but Mystery will not be a mini you…she will be unique and you will be best of friends in the future…hang on!

  3. Oh, how I wish that I could get info of your wonderful family updates directly via email, but for some reason they cannot get through my internet provider. I am thankful to Diane Hamersley forwarding them to me. What an awesome family you are there in New Bern!!! Pictures are so adorable!

  4. godsg8t says:

    What a delight to finally have an update after a long sabbatical. James and I share our birthday together and not a day goes by when I walk into Winnie Palmer I don’t think about him and those beautiful eye lashes and yummy smile…. Happy 10th birthday James! Your night nurse in POD 2…

  5. Danni from Miami says:

    I’m late to the party, but I am so glad to see an update from your lovely family! I have been reading since the days of Sweet Baby James, and getting to read the stories of your successes and struggles has always been something that makes me smile and think. So thank you for continuing to share!

  6. Sally in Indy says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, James! You are loved and missed…by all of us!

    Abby and John, what a wonderful family you have and what amazing parents you are! May you continue to be richly blessed.

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