This is our third blog, and we don’t know where it is headed. Our first one was about the search for spiritual encouragement amidst our almost three-year struggle with infertility. The second blog documented our attempt to reconcile our belief that God is working all things to our good with the reality of our special needs son, who lived 482 days, and our tiny daughter, whom we lost at 15 weeks gestation.

We have aspired to a “normal” family blog for a long time, so if this turns into a typical, somewhat boring account of a healthy American family, that might not be such a bad thing. On the other hand, we hold onto our expectations a lot more lightly than we did a few years ago. One thing we are sure of, and that is that God is good and He is using every experience to build us into the likeness of His Son.

So welcome to the House of Gjertsen. Unless He builds it, we build in vain.

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