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Welcome to the House of Gjertsen! The graphics were inspired by comic books, as was this little book we made for our parents: And that’s what’s new in the House of Gjertsen.


ready, set… move?

This past Tuesday, the Senate’s version of the big stimulus bill included a tax credit for homebuyers of 10% of the home value, up to $15,000. Now the thing is, I’m not trying to give any commentary on the...



Yes, I love technology but not as much as you, you see. But I still love technology Always and forever. -Kip Dynamite Thanks to all who have already commented on the new blog. It tickles us to see that...

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#3 and a gleeful God

Getting pregnant before you have health insurance that covers it is a risky proposition, especially when you know there is a good chance things won’t go smoothly. The best estimates I could find online (based on one previous miscarriage)...

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just peachy

Abby’s insurance kicked in on March 1, so she had her first official sonogram by an actual sonogram technician on Thursday, along with a new prescription or two. The baby was apparently moving around a lot, demonstrating the ability...

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march madness

It’s been too long since we’ve updated. Our biggest news in March was that the baby has made it successfully past the age where Dora went to be with Jesus. This, and the fact that #3 now kicks Abby...


before the big ultrasound

My apologies to Baroness Orczy and The Scarlet Pimpernel. “They seek it here They poke it there Those doctors test it Everywhere! Will it be healthy? Is it he or she? That little, elusive, Number three!”

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rejoice with us

Today we went back to Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies for the first time since Dora died. This time the ultrasound brought good, not bad, news. After extensive examination, Number Three checked out healthy, whole, and hearty,...

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our little champion

With only minimal Photoshop enhancement: [Midnight update: Abby has felt him kicking and rolling for weeks, but just after posting this, as we were watching the “One Shining Moment” video recap of the NCAA tournament, I felt him kick...

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Happy Birthday, James

I can remember just about everything that happened two years ago. Instant messaging a friend to say I was scared. Adjusting the overhead light in the operating room because I was taller than the doctors. Sitting behind a curtain...


“Bad Mother”

This past Tuesday I heard a story on NPR which made my stomach turn. This post will have no pictures, and trust me, you wouldn’t want it to. I found it ironic that the story aired the week after...



(Written April 13 and languishing unedited until now) We hadn’t been back since we lost the last one. “Lie down. This gel should be warm.” Do you know our history? our morbid list of problems? High-risk, our permanent label....



I inadvertantly removed the theme folder from the server, so House of Gjertsen has been down for the past hour or so. Hopefully when I get home I find that there’s a backup of the comic book theme we...

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hopes and prayers

Number Three is known around the Throne. I’m not just talking about the fact that “[his] frame was not hidden from You when [he] was made in the secret place” (Psalm 139:15). Beyond His own intimate knowledge, God has...

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return to the Ro

On Saturday, May 16, we served dinner with some volunteers from our church at the Ronald McDonald House on Kuhl St. That’s the “Ro McDoh” where John and I lived for four and a half months while James was...

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and the name of the baby is…

…it’s not like we’re just going to tell you. But I have built for the followers of our blog a little puzzle, which I’m confident that you will enjoy solving—if you’re the sort that enjoys solving puzzles, that is....


and the name of the baby isn’t…

Now that many of you have struggled valiantly to discover the name of #3, you are probably wondering how in the world we came up with such a humdinger. We had a really, really difficult time choosing the name....

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summertime blues

June is a pretty special month in the House of Gjertsen because it contains: our anniversary (today! 11 years!) Abby’s birthday (next week!) blueberries! At least in Florida, blueberries come out in June, their season usually bookended by Memorial...

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out in the sticks

Our blueberry and peach picking over the last two weekends fell on either side of a vacation that we took up to north Georgia, where an uncle and aunt of Abby’s own a rental cabin. It was a great...

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averages and anniversaries

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Dora’s 16-week ultrasound. The one with that awkward silence, when the technician didn’t answer our chirrupy questions and finally fled for the doctor. The one that told us her heart was still and she...

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Amusing things I’ve read recently: “Josiah!  Just a guess… I haven’t even looked at the puzzle, but it’s my brother’s name and seems to fit the categories.  Maybe I’m right?” “Well, I had just a few minutes to spend...

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What’s in a name?

Valor, Someday before you’re too old you may wonder what was going through your parents’ heads when they named you. The runner-up—in case it makes you feel any better—was Vigor, a name your mother remembered from a book,  Seventh...

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Jonathan Edwards on fortitude

Those of you who solved the puzzle—or read the posted solution—noticed that we used a quote from Jonathan Edwards. (Turns out that everything Edwards ever wrote down is archived and searchable at The larger context of the quote...

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crafting a legend

Right now the nursery is still packed up into bags and boxes. The stroller is folded into a silent crouch, and the crib is collapsed against the wall. We had originally intended to re-use James’s safari nursery set for...

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for the faint of heart?

I realize that my last puzzle was a bit of a challenge for many of you, and I am glad that many did, in fact, attempt and finish it. But I’m also aware that many probably rolled their eyes...

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duck & dolphin

We hosted the Li family—Michelle, Nathan (7), and Anna (2)—for the past week and a half. They drove down from Houston on a sort of sequel to the Fourth of July road trip they took last year. That weekend,...

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home stretch(marks)

According to Joseph Campbell, a hero’s birth is marked by miraculous or unusual events, such as a virgin conception (or getting born straight out of Dad’s head, a la Athena). The hero arrives into an ordinary world, only later...

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thoughts at thirty-five

Before we are overwhelmed with a new baby later this week, I wanted to share some of the things on my mind. Bear with the length and the lack of baby talk. Eleven days ago, I turned thirty-five. Which,...

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last day on the inside

In his last ultrasound on Tuesday (38 wks.), I saw Valor blink. His face was kind of hard to see, but one thing was clear: he’s going to be a chub! I’m still getting used to the idea of...

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Valor Edwards Gjertsen, born 7:20 this morning at Winnie Palmer Hospital. 7 pounds, 3 ounces 21 inches Everyone tired but well 🙂 Will upload more pictures soon so keep checking.

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born yesterday

Wow! Thanks to all our readers and the congratulations and well-wishing which outpoured over the last 24 hours. Two Supergrands arrived yesterday afternoon to take their first shift. Although it’s quickly becoming apparent that the idea of having “shifts”...

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Sir Valor, Prince of Wails

Yes, we were discharged on Saturday afternoon. Saturday night sort of bled right into Sunday morning, as our little man spent most of the night screaming. After about 6am, things have been much more manageable. Abby got a good...

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birth story

John has been so busy that I had to spend time yesterday catching up on my own blog. Whew. Thank you so much to everyone who has stopped by to comment and congratulate us and celebrate Valor’s arrival. Again...

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This quilt and the commentary below were contributed by Valor’s Grandma, Lamons. Maybe this doesn’t look much like the traditional baby quilt to most people. Where are the cute baby animals, the soft pastel colors? I’ll admit that my...

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no longer inclined to sleep

No, no… I don’t mean as in “non dormis”… what I mean is, when Valor left the hospital, the nurses told us that because of the night where he had a couple “dusky” episodes where he wasn’t taking in...

CIMG0713 38

all I can muster

Lack of sleep makes it hard to think deep thoughts, or even write long sentences. Here is a sample from my brain at week 2.5, in no particular order. 1. Valor is starting to recognize patterns, which in turn...

shotblock 9

shot-blocking skills

Last night in bed I was telling Abby how I thought having a “normal” kid was going to mean every day new abilities demonstrated which would differentiate Valor from James, but that so far reality felt slower than expectation....

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boy dreams

Earlier this week I dreamed we were living in a post-apocalyptic future where electricity was either scarce or non-existent, and we lived in a shanty sort of dwelling but were able to watch “movies” on a View-Master. It was...

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one month behind us

Three weeks seemed to be a turning point for Valor in terms of getting used to his schedule. Since my last post, he has cut the crying before naps down to an average of about 20 minutes. Sometimes it’s...

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familiar with suffering

This morning Abby and I had a special opportunity to go back to Winnie Palmer and speak to a group of about 30 nurses who were attending a workshop called something like “Empty Arms, Broken Hearts.” Joan, our social...

IMG_5287 22

wise guy

Sunday morning, Valor peed on me, spit up into my cupped hand, and launched the largest booger I’ve ever seen onto my shirt. But all that was okay, because Saturday night, he slept through the night. Yes, the elusive...

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hard to impress

Evie wrote: Have you tried discussing physics or a bit of chemistry with him? No, not yet. But we do try to keep him well-rounded, and sometimes we’ll just read to him whatever we have sitting around. In this...

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smiles and smells

A week ago V weighed 11 lbs. 6 oz. He has been steadily gaining 2 oz. a day since he was a week old. Yesterday I started unpacking the 3-6 mo. clothes. They are the ones James wore from...

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sun, sun, sun, here it comes

As a financial advisor, I take a lot of enjoyment out of finding smart things to do with money. Roth IRAs are smart. 401(k)s with employer matching is smart. Flexible Spending Accounts are smart. But this fall, I may...

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pumpkin reserve

A couple weeks ago when the weather was cool, we took Valor to a pumpkin patch. Alas, the only smile we got was the one before we left. We met up with friends who have a daughter 5 days...

IMG_5548 24

rule of thumb

Things are getting better and better here in the House of Gjertsen. Valor is starting to bust out of his 3-6 mo. clothes and weighs 15 pounds these days, at 2.5 mos. old (95th percentile). He’s healthy and hale...

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Two Saturdays ago (wow we are really slacking on this blogging thing!) we left Valor with a couple supergrands and attended a perinatal remembrance ceremony. The social workers and chaplains from Winnie Palmer put this event together every year...

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giant steps

Merry Christmas! Boy, are we behind on posting our pictures. Let’s try to catch up to Thanksgiving at least in this post. The smiles are still flowing freely here in the House of Gjertsen. Valor continues to stay healthy;...

IMG_5926 18

first noel

Last year, it was a very hard Christmas without James. We didn’t even put up all our decorations. This year we relished the season! I think I’ll let the photos say the rest.

IMG_6064 26


Arrrr! (or a Viking war cry!) The Mighty Valorbug is five months old today. He’s in the 95th percentile for height and 90th for weight (almost 19 lbs.). I’m kind of relieved that he’s not shrimpy with a tough-guy...

IMG_6102 14

march madness

Hey, it’s time to beard the dragon and get a big catch-up post done. The big six-month mark has already come and gone! We do have an excuse for not posting, but you have to get past our backlog...

IMG_4724 14

leaving James

Today is Valor’s seven-month birthday, but this post isn’t about him (he’s doing fine, full of Luh Luh Luhs and Buh Buh Buhs, eating everything he’s been offered as well as things he shouldn’t eat, like paper napkins). As...

grey_havens 2

how a Baggins says goodbye

This I posted today to our church’s blog: Abby and I are struggling to say our goodbyes to many in Orlando whom we’ve grown very close to. We feel a deep sense of loss as we wonder how to...

IMG_2422 15


We are moved. Maybe I should say, we have been moved. (We had a lot of help.) We were also moved, in the emotional sense, more than we can say. Here is some of the gauntlet of goodness that...

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Dear Mr. Chapman

I’ve been a fan of yours since I was a young Christian. My first album was The Live Adventure; I chose it because it seemed to have the most songs on it. I remember listening to Heaven in the...

IMG_6701 14


Thank you to everyone who stopped to call, email, facebook, or comment and tell us you were thinking of James and us yesterday. (By the way, I just added a “new” photo of James to the previous post that...

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arms and the man

When we first moved in, we were intrigued by the flags with the subdivision’s “coat of arms.” Abby: Well, the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality. John: Is that a leaf? or a clover? Abby: I think it’s an...

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what John’s been up to

Wow. It’s been over two months since I wrote a blog post—how neglectful! Well, my excuse is that April and May, even when they aren’t compromised by a sudden relocation to another part of the country, are really crunch-time...


touch of grey

“The glory of young men is their strength, gray hair the splendor of the old.” –Proverbs 20:29, NIV In December 1962 my father rode home from a hayride with three of his best buds. They all fell asleep and...

CIMG0924 10

up in the air

Patient readers have endured my rambling about wealth management and Abby’s meditation on Dora and aging, and you are thinking: where is the main attraction? I will try to remedy this. One of the fun things about the small...

IMG_7346 7

leaps and bounds

After a month or two of backing up, Valor passed the 10-month mark and sprang into action, developmentally speaking. First, he was able to sit up by himself (from a lying down position). I walked into his room after...

supermanvalor 3

69 seconds of fame

Valor’s Superman video was recently featured on our friend Jen’s new blog, EPBOT. He shares the post with his young ninja friend, Isaiah (or “Mister I”) who used to come play with us once a week. Step back in...

CIMG1186 3

Finding a home: Part 1

About 70 days ago, my Facebook status was:

Friday night : finding a replacement for Gino’s Pizza :: Sunday morning : finding a replacement for Orlando Grace.

Both endeavors have left me hoping there’s something else out there.

IMG_8124 10

one small step

In the NICU, James had a therapist named Phil who once told me, “Walking is just controlled falling.” Somewhere in between holding on and lunging forward comes a step or two in the right direction.

IMG_7907 14

living without the Yateses

We have entered the P.Y. period of our lives, or the post-Yates era. It’s a bleak time without custom cakes for every special occasion, amazingly thoughtful gifts, fun times at fancy restaurants, Home Depot answers-of-the-day, and on-the-spot help when we can’t fix something around the house. We were also used to having them generously, cheerfully, and professionally paint any room in our house, any time/color we wanted, for the price of…

carrot 7

House of Discipline

(Abby wanted me to make sure everyone knows she doesn’t sit around all day rebuking Valor.)

p11300ta106463_5_3 8


I’ve been meaning to post a sort of description of Valor at age one, but I’ve let it go so long that now it will be more like Valor at about 13 months. This is mainly to capture this...

IMG_7952 3

toy boxes

Is your house covered up in toys? Or is your baby bored of his or her toys, even though it seems like you have a ton of them? My best friend Susan stays at home with her two girls,...

IMG_8163 3

fall pumpkin family fun festival season!

Once Valor turned one and graduated into his front-facing “big boy” carseat (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!) we hit the road for a few autumn events. I’m still not used to how close we live to “the North.” In September...

IMG_8437 13

walking, talking, breathing fire!

Although some people have misidentified him as a dinosaur (and one person guessed an alligator), he does have wings and walks upright! He’s a dragon!

IMG_8649 11

boy wonder

I’m pretty strict on what I would consider a “real” first word. It has to be clear that he knows what he is saying, not just babbling a string of sounds that happens to sound like a word. At 14 mo., Valor said his first real word.

jesusdemands 0

What Jesus Demands from the World

The title of this post is also the title of a book by John Piper, and I’ve just today started leading a Sunday School at Tabernacle going through this book. It’s primarily for the benefit of the others in...

IMG_8852 11

meeting the magnetic manger

This morning was near-perfect. As Abby mentioned in the last post, this morning Valor became the old child we’ve ever had, and it was also the first of three “Christmas” mornings for him.

IMG_8944 3

Christmas in Florida

As a special way of greeting some of the newcomers, as well as providing some post-holiday entertainment for the regulars, it’s time for something that has become a recurring feature.

IMG_9189 6

18 months

We can’t believe it’s been a year and a half since Valor burst into our world, big and wet and hungry with eyes squeezed shut. Now his eyes are always looking, looking, looking as he observes and begins to describe his world.

answers 27


Famous Hat said…I finally got a chance to look at this last night and it was just the right amount of challenging! Mad props to your friend – he has got mad word games skillz fo shizzle!

IMG_9316 7


All aboard! Valor is still in love with cars, trucks, trains, and ta-tas—which isn’t what you think…

attribution 9

global portfolio return attribution

The topic at hand has to do with if a global portfolio manger outperformed (or underperfomed) a benchmark, what was the cause of the outperformance (or underperformance)? Was it primarily about stock picking in certain countries? Or the overweighting of certain countries’ markets?

karyotype 16

the monsters in our closet

Thank you to everyone who prayed for the test results from Carolina Grace and our appointment with the hi-risk doc. The results came in, so I met with Dr. L. and a geneticist Monday, fully prepared to hear them say, “I’m sorry, but we will just never know why this happened.”

But that’s not what they said.

IMG_1381 12

addition and multiplication

Clearly, our plans to grow our family have encountered some sort of mysterious obstacle. The theme verse of this blog, “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain” (from Psalm 127:1) has taken on meaning we did not fully expect when we chose it. Abby and I are both so thankful for the Lord’s abiding comfort and for being our refuge, redeemer, and lifter of our heads during so many deviations from the script we would have written.

IMG_9899 6

simple craft: kid’s toiletry case

Valor is big enough now that I feel like he needs to brush his teeth nightly, even on vacations. So I got him a toothbrush holder for our upcoming trip to the mountains with the Lis. Unfortunately that meant I could no longer fit all his toiletries into their little, battered ziplock bag.

IMG_99581 9

so far behind!

We took a vacation to Townsend, Tennessee with our friends the Lis from Houston. Valor had a great time with Michelle’s two children, Nathan and Anna, who are growing up into big kids so fast. We stayed in a cabin right next to the Little River, which included free passes to a tube rental place, which was a lot of fun for those of us over 5. We didn’t get any photos or video of that, but we did shoot some of Valor on our vacation, including his favorite activity of throwing rocks into the river:

IMG_0309 10

cutting trees, cutting grass

Thank you to many who prayed for us and other residents of Eastern North Carolina last weekend. Irene did indeed make landfall around the southern outer banks as a Category 1 hurricane, bringing an entire day of relentless wind...

IMG_0460 32

raising a Big Boy

Valor saw me wearing a Planet Fitness tee shirt some time ago, which features a big yellow “thumbs up” sign. He was eager to show us that he, too, could make the thumbs up sign, although his version includes the outstretched forefinger pointed diagonally down…

IMG_4245 4

Halloween scenes

Valor got really pumped about Halloween this year. We walked around the neighborhood the week before to see the “Halloween scenes,” as Valor calls them, on people’s porches. I thought seeing the “scary” things in the daytime would help prepare him for the night of trick-or-treating.

No5at11wks1 18

No. 5 is alive

We are very relieved to announce that No. 5 has survived to 11 weeks, 5 days.

IMG_0735 17

we heart hope

Valor is really looking forward to the day he can open up the presents that are starting to appear under the tree. He massages and rearranges them every day, so I don’t know what kind of shape they’ll be in by Christmas. He’s not the only one around here who is longing to know what next week will bring.

20111228152111 31


The God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not (Rom. 4:17) would be sustaining No. 5’s eternal soul even if He did not sustain his or her body…but God, who is rich in mercy, has blessed us with a healthy baby at 16 weeks.

castle 17

And the name of the baby is…

I realize that many of our readers are not up to this, and that’s fine. But for the few die-hard puzzlers out there who enjoy a bit of number crunching… game on!

RonPaulFlag 24

Paul or nothing?

I’ve been kicking this post around in my head for weeks, and now that our county and district conventions are over with and the North Carolina primary is finished, I’ll state what everyone who knows me on Facebook undoubtedly knows by now.

IMG_1303 6

behind door #2

Before all the hurly-burly starts, we had hoped to write about the new nursery we’ve been getting ready. But it’s not quite ready, yet, and it’s long overdue that we write a post about Valor’s “big boy room.”

IMG_1312 5

behind door #3

We didn’t take any “before” pictures, but before the transformation, our guest bedroom just had a queen bed on basic metal rails, a folding utility table in the corner, and a couple mismatched nightstands, and the walls were scuffed and white.

IMG_1316 8

finally, behind door #1…

When we moved into this house, the room was a light cream color except one accent wall was like really dark brown chocolate. It was fine for Valor’s last few months of being in a crib, but not what we envisioned for the next baby.

IMG_1344 36

introducing Percy Gjertsen!

10:16 am EST He weighed in at 7lbs. 11oz., and he measured 20 3/4″ long. (Don’t be fooled by this last picture. Valor is smiling because a camera is pointed at him. The fraternal bond is not yet there,...

IMG_1405 3

Percy’s birth story

One month ago, Grant Perseverance’s life began, according to the world. Here is the story of his birth, as I wrote it down in my journal on that day. Dear Grant Percy, This morning we dropped Valor off with...

IMG_1528 12

our little monthkin!

Percy is one month old today! I can’t believe how fast it has gone. I’ll just hit a few highlights from this month and some details that I want to remember for myself. Our last night in the hospital...

IMG_1881 9

oh yeah

As in, “Oh yeah, we still have a blog, don’t we?” This whole experiment with writing down our family’s story in blog form looked a lot different when we had one special needs child in the NICU; now that...

IMG_2247 5

turning leaves

I saw something in a magazine that inspired me to re-cover a bulletin board and make a Thanksgiving Tree. The idea was to spend some time each night during our family devotions to talk about what we were thankful for and write it on a leaf to put on the tree.

CIMG1296 7

can’t stop the beat

Sandwiched between the two theme parks was a lot of really sweet relational catch-ups with a lot of our friends. We could have stayed at least another week and still not visited with everyone we wanted to see.

IMG_3358 21

planning an addition

Our family is preparing to embark on an adventure. To many it’s going to sound a bit crazy, and maybe they are right.


clinging to hope

Last week I had two blood tests, two days apart, to test the relative trend of my hCG levels. If they went way up, that would indicate a continuing pregnancy. If they went down, that was a clear indication...



Today’s ultrasound at 8 weeks was identical to last week’s: Bitty measured six weeks, one day; no heartbeat. Bitty was gone.

obamacare-cartoon-3 6

marketplace madness

Apparently I’m one of only 5% of Americans who buys health insurance on the individual (non-group) market. I hear that “five percent” figure mostly from politicians trying to downplay the impact of a national Health Insurance Marketplace rollout that has gone hellishly wrong.

IMG_3535 6

the call

Greg was not part of the political class, but an ob/gyn who had spent the last five years studying the Federalist Papers and founding documents, growing in conviction that he would pass on to his posterity a less free America than the one he was born into.


Transfer complete

We’ve just been hanging out in a Knoxville hotel room since the 12:30 transfer this afternoon. We have some pictures but no way to get them on the iPad. We’ll update when we get home tomorrow. 2 embryos thawed...

IMG_8092 6

hello and goodbye, again

May 17 Dear Red and Nemo, I am praying big things for you guys. That your lives will redound to the glory of God, that your voices among the millions on earth will speak His words, that you will...

IMG_4981 3

Percysaurus turns 2

Percy turned two June 8. Planning a little dinosaur party was a fun distraction from the miscarriage, so I might have gone a little overboard for a two-year-old’s party. My mom was visiting for the week prior, so it was like having two of me to get things done. Awesome! I put her to work on some adorable almond dino cookies for the goody bags. Thanks, Mom!

IMG_5117 9


Percy likes putting together floor puzzles of the alphabet.
Valor likes puzzles with geographical themes.
I like the kind of wordplay puzzles that reveal a pregnancy, or reveal a name of a child. Some of our long-time followers have solved these puzzles.
I’m not sure when I’ll write one of those puzzles.

bunkbedcomposite2 1

bunk brothers

Before Percy turned two, he surprised me one afternoon by popping out of his room at the end of his nap time. When I asked him how he got out of his crib, he pantomimed climbing a ladder with his hands and said, “climbed.”

IMG_5239_featured 3

block party

Valor’s fifth birthday was one of my favorites so far! He was able to help me make almost all of the party components ahead of time, which was helpful and fun. And nothing cost very much. It was also an evening party, so just a different vibe than usual.

emmet 2

everything is awesome

I fear the pictures in this post do not come close to conveying how much fun we had at this theme park. Everything was awesome.

SM&A 7

faith and the furnace

Meet the newest Gjertsens: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Last Tuesday we adopted them, the last remaining siblings of Nemo, Luke, and Leia. Please pray that they grab hold and grow.



Abby’s hCG level on Thursday was 157, indicating at least one successful implantation! Too early to guess if there is more than one, but we’re over the moon! Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good!

IMG_5755 32

living in the unlikely

The chance of being pregnant with triplets was really small, I think like 5%, but as John and I thought back over our reproductive history… we said to each other, “We live in the ‘unlikely!'” Unexplained infertility, never-before-seen genetic problems, reversed infertility, two unexplained second trimester miscarriages, embryo implantation on a c-section scar. What mean statistics to such as we?

20141020165544 7


We had yet another beta hCG test with good results (4447 last Wednesday) and the first ultrasound was scheduled for this afternoon.

IMG_6014 2

brick or treat

Life continues at the House of Gjertsen, in every sense, we believe. We are so thankful that the pregnancy seems to be chugging along. Percy has a mild case of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, a kid-virus that is very...

IMG_6159 1

full of it

For the past three Novembers, we’ve started with a bulletin board with only the trunk and limbs of a bare tree fashioned out of brown paper, and we’ve ended the month with a craft which depicts the various things we are thankful for as leaves. This year is the fullest our tree has ever been.

familymissiontop 4

family motto

In the age of Pinterest and a thousand mommy blogs, it’s easy to feel the urge to rush down everyone else’s path for parenting and homeschooling (or just feel inferior and lame).

IMG_7083 (1) 4


If you ask him how old he is now, Percy will laboriously unfold three fingers, hold them up, and proudly say, “free!”

IMG_7253 2

Euro zone

We had the privilege of being host family to Gabriel, from near Bilbao, Spain, and Jules, from near Lyon, France. Both boys were 14, came to experience American culture and improve their English, loved Cocoa Krispies, and hated ranch dressing. Other than that, they were quite different.

IMG_7595 19

An Odd Squad Birthday

Odd Squad is like Doctor Who for kids. Not-too-scary villains try to mess up the cosmic order of the universe, and endearingly nerdy Odd Squad agents make things right using crazy gadgets and educational math strategies.

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We just want to offer a home and a family to a kid that doesn’t have one. We don’t want to steal a kid, buy a kid, or hurt anyone; we just want to be a mom and dad for someone who needs one. There’s just no easy way to do it.

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After two years of failure and loss in the baby department, is there any hope of viable, sustainable life?

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behold, a mystery

Ripening roundness, sturdy moonbeam
Inscrutable and delicate
Sixteenth of our House,
First daughter to brave atmosphere
Hidden yet surely coming
Unknown yet foreknown
We unwrap your layers, a gift long awaited.

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This is the longest we have ever gone without blogging since we began. The hiatus stemmed from a few causes, all related to our fostering experience.

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A vote for reform in a miserable election

My aim in this post is to summarize why we do not support either “major party” candidate, explain how our vote is strategic rather than simply a protest vote, and invite you to join us. Finally I will conclude by reminding myself and our readers that the destiny of our Republic is not ultimately jeopardized no matter what outcome the electorate chooses; rather, that our unshakeable hope rests in the sovereignty of God.