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An Odd Squad Birthday

Odd Squad is like Doctor Who for kids. Not-too-scary villains try to mess up the cosmic order of the universe, and endearingly nerdy Odd Squad agents make things right using crazy gadgets and educational math strategies.



If you ask him how old he is now, Percy will laboriously unfold three fingers, hold them up, and proudly say, “free!”


block party

Valor’s fifth birthday was one of my favorites so far! He was able to help me make almost all of the party components ahead of time, which was helpful and fun. And nothing cost very much. It was also an evening party, so just a different vibe than usual.


Percysaurus turns 2

Percy turned two June 8. Planning a little dinosaur party was a fun distraction from the miscarriage, so I might have gone a little overboard for a two-year-old’s party. My mom was visiting for the week prior, so it was like having two of me to get things done. Awesome! I put her to work on some adorable almond dino cookies for the goody bags. Thanks, Mom!