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A vote for reform in a miserable election

My aim in this post is to summarize why we do not support either “major party” candidate, explain how our vote is strategic rather than simply a protest vote, and invite you to join us. Finally I will conclude by reminding myself and our readers that the destiny of our Republic is not ultimately jeopardized no matter what outcome the electorate chooses; rather, that our unshakeable hope rests in the sovereignty of God.


Euro zone

We had the privilege of being host family to Gabriel, from near Bilbao, Spain, and Jules, from near Lyon, France. Both boys were 14, came to experience American culture and improve their English, loved Cocoa Krispies, and hated ranch dressing. Other than that, they were quite different.


the call

Greg was not part of the political class, but an ob/gyn who had spent the last five years studying the Federalist Papers and founding documents, growing in conviction that he would pass on to his posterity a less free America than the one he was born into.