The Adventures of John, Abby, Valor, Percy & Mystery!


A vote for reform in a miserable election

My aim in this post is to summarize why we do not support either “major party” candidate, explain how our vote is strategic rather than simply a protest vote, and invite you to join us. Finally I will conclude by reminding myself and our readers that the destiny of our Republic is not ultimately jeopardized no matter what outcome the electorate chooses; rather, that our unshakeable hope rests in the sovereignty of God.



This is the longest we have ever gone without blogging since we began. The hiatus stemmed from a few causes, all related to our fostering experience.


behold, a mystery

Ripening roundness, sturdy moonbeam
Inscrutable and delicate
Sixteenth of our House,
First daughter to brave atmosphere
Hidden yet surely coming
Unknown yet foreknown
We unwrap your layers, a gift long awaited.