The Adventures of John, Abby, Valor, Percy & Mystery!


before the big ultrasound

My apologies to Baroness Orczy and The Scarlet Pimpernel. “They seek it here They poke it there Those doctors test it Everywhere! Will it be healthy? Is it he or she? That little, elusive, Number three!”


march madness

It’s been too long since we’ve updated. Our biggest news in March was that the baby has made it successfully past the age where Dora went to be with Jesus. This, and the fact that #3 now kicks Abby...


just peachy

Abby’s insurance kicked in on March 1, so she had her first official sonogram by an actual sonogram technician on Thursday, along with a new prescription or two. The baby was apparently moving around a lot, demonstrating the ability...


#3 and a gleeful God

Getting pregnant before you have health insurance that covers it is a risky proposition, especially when you know there is a good chance things won’t go smoothly. The best estimates I could find online (based on one previous miscarriage)...



Yes, I love technology but not as much as you, you see. But I still love technology Always and forever. -Kip Dynamite Thanks to all who have already commented on the new blog. It tickles us to see that...


ready, set… move?

This past Tuesday, the Senate’s version of the big stimulus bill included a tax credit for homebuyers of 10% of the home value, up to $15,000. Now the thing is, I’m not trying to give any commentary on the...