The Adventures of John, Abby, Valor, Percy & Mystery!


faith and the furnace

Meet the newest Gjertsens: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Last Tuesday we adopted them, the last remaining siblings of Nemo, Luke, and Leia. Please pray that they grab hold and grow.


everything is awesome

I fear the pictures in this post do not come close to conveying how much fun we had at this theme park. Everything was awesome.


block party

Valor’s fifth birthday was one of my favorites so far! He was able to help me make almost all of the party components ahead of time, which was helpful and fun. And nothing cost very much. It was also an evening party, so just a different vibe than usual.


bunk brothers

Before Percy turned two, he surprised me one afternoon by popping out of his room at the end of his nap time. When I asked him how he got out of his crib, he pantomimed climbing a ladder with his hands and said, “climbed.”



Percy likes putting together floor puzzles of the alphabet.
Valor likes puzzles with geographical themes.
I like the kind of wordplay puzzles that reveal a pregnancy, or reveal a name of a child. Some of our long-time followers have solved these puzzles.
I’m not sure when I’ll write one of those puzzles.