boy dreams

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  1. ncd1011 says:

    I am sorry to report that my access was denied (or video not found); any recommendations?
    Non-geeky computer user…….(me)

  2. john says:

    Thanks, ncd1011… not sure what happened—I know I tested the link last night and it worked, but whatever. The error was on my side, and is now corrected. Please let me know if you are still having problems viewing the video.

  3. palmettomama says:

    That was great!

  4. Ashley says:

    That was very cool! How did you do that?

  5. Kurtis says:

    I love how starts to look bored at the giant ball stage – I always got bored in that part too.

    Then he gets all tense again and hops during the knight with the electrical floor part. Just memorize it Valor! There’s no reasoning to it! 🙂

  6. leigh anne says:

    Such Gjertsen coolness!!! I am in awe and completely amused:)

  7. Betty says:

    This post reminded me of a beautiful song by the Bare Naked Ladies, called “When you Dream…” One of the group members wrote it for his new born son, who apparently had “boy dreams” like Valor.

    Here is a snippet of the lyrics:

    “When you dream,
    what do you dream about?
    Do you dream about
    music or mathematics
    or planets too far for the eye?
    Do you dream about
    Jesus or quantum mechanics
    or angels who sing lullabies?”

    Love your posts. Valor is a beauty, as was James. Thanks for sharing their stories with all of us.


  8. Summer says:

    That’s was so cute and I got a good laugh.

  9. Aunt Sue says:

    John Boy, you continue to amaze me with your creative genes.

  10. Kelli says:

    Thats is soo funny and adorable! He’s gunna love watching that when hes like 2/3yrs old! and esp when hes much much older!!

    GREAT JOB!! So creative!!


  11. john says:

    Haha… thanks for all the encouragement. To answer “how I did it”: the video was shot with an iPod nano. While I was watching him move, I put him off-center in the frame, knowing that I would add a thought bubble later. For some reason I was feeling all nostalgic about the 80s arcade scene, and thinking about Dragon’s Lair in particular. I found some clips on YouTube, used a program called “Get Tube” to capture them to my computer, and then used Final Cut Pro and a filter called “Image Mask” to layer the two videos in a way that cut out the Dragon’s Lair clips into the shape of the thought bubble. I tried to space them into the sequence in such a way that Valor’s movements were timed in sequence with the action (which wasn’t too hard considering Singe’s castle is almost non-stop action…).

    My favorite parts of synchronization are how Valor reacts when Dirk falls through the trapdoor, the subtle increase in muscle tone as Dirk grabs each successive fiery rope, and the way he reacts when the yellow monster comes out of the cauldron.

  12. ncd1011 says:

    Ahhh, much better!! Thank you, and thank you for the reminiscing……I could NOT for the life of me place that video…..

  13. Peg says:

    Can a mom be amazed, too? YES!!!

  14. Ashley M. says:

    Ahhh, I thought I recognized that video! My cousins were into “Dragon’s Lair” ^__^

    Valor’s adorable, as usual!!

  15. chrisandlaura says:

    that is hilarious.
    i think he was just cranking up for a really good toot.

  16. Melanie says:

    Congratulations, family. I played a video of Valor for my 11-month-old girl yesterday and I think she’s in love!

  17. Jessie says:

    Oh, that was too cute!
    Dreams are crazy, but I’m pretty sure I fight dragons in my sleep, too! That would definitely explain why I’m sore and have extremely crazy hair when I wake up! Ha ha! 😉

    Is Valor going to make his royal appearance at church soon? He’s getting so big, and I haven’t even met him yet!

  18. Bill & Betsy says:


    You’ve missed your calling. You should be working at DREAMworks.

    With much love, B&B

  19. WriteCards says:

    I just popped into your blog for an update as I couldn’t remember when Valor was due. Therefore, I’m a month late in giving you my congratulations! I may not be a regular reader, but I do have you bookmarked! Also, my son, had quite a few dusky episodes with low O2 levels and was in NICU for a week. I started catching up on your blog starting with Aug 27, so when I saw he was having similar sounding “things,” I gave an inward groan . . . “Oh, no . . . tell me they didn’t have to spend time in NICU again!” It was nice to read of your “normal” exit from the hospital! (BTW, my son is quite fine, heading towards nine now!)

    Congratulations again and enjoy these great times. As one friend said to me at my son’s birth . . . “This will be the only time you will have to encourage him to burp. Too soon, he’ll be doing it on his own and at will and will be quite obnoxious about it.” Truer words have definitely be spoken (God’s word), but I just have to laugh about how accurate she was!

  20. Kathy H says:

    What a hoot and sooo creative!! I passed it along to my six grandsons.

  21. Abbie, this is the most beautiful baby that I’ve seen since James. I am so happy for your family. Brother James is happy, too. I am going to try to send this on to Erin. God bless you all! Julie

  22. trot says:

    hilarious. I haven’t visited in awhile – and seriously love this.

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