Halloween scenes

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  1. Grandmommy says:

    Beautiful words and pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Ashley M. says:

    I’ll definitely be praying for good news come Monday! Glad to read that Valor had a good first run at trick or treating, too 🙂 Cutest dragon ever!

  3. Summer Jesse says:

    Love seeing all the pictures, is it just me or is Valor as big as a 4 year old? What a handsome little guy. Vera loved halloween this year also, it was hard to keep the candy away.
    I pray often that you will have great news at Christmas and all goes well with the baby. I had a heartbeat monitor also and they can be so tricky at first. We thought we lost Vera at 11 weeks but just had some problems so after that I had to get one. Always worked best for me when I layed on my side and put it on my side.
    Thanks so much for thinking of Ryland on his birthday, so hard to believe he is 8 now.

  4. Evie says:

    Hey-oo! Congratulations you guys! I can’t imagine how scared you must feel, but at the same time there must be so much hope. I’m going to commit to praying every day for this new blessing. Valor is the yummiest dragon ever! Halloween is such a crazy time. I personally do not care for it, but it’s hard not to get all gushy watching those tiny costumed creatures demanding candy from strangers. Isaac, just shy of two years, was practically barreling past his siblings to get to door for MORE FREE CANDY!! He was practically delirious with glee. And sugar. Much love to you all.

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